Dr. Alex McCormick

A little about me: I’m currently a Senior Lecturer in Comparative and International Education in the Sydney School of Education and Social Work), leading the Masters of Education (International), and the Postgraduate Curriculum Coordinator. I have taught adults and young people at non-government and private institutions in Australia, and worked with NGOs assisting refugees with relocation in the UK and Australia, and on the University’s Refugee Language Programme.

 Dr. Sonia Fonua

I am a Professional Teaching Fellow in the School of Environment, Faculty of Science, University of Auckland. My role is split between Pacific Engagement in my School and coordinating and teaching undergraduate Environmental Science courses. I have spent many years teaching in the foundation/bridging space, an area of education that I am particularly passionate about as a site of equity, inclusivity and diversity, and have been the co-chair of the Foundation and Bridging Educators of (Aotearoa) New Zealand since 2018.



Martyn Reynolds


Miriam Ham

Communications Officer

Alvin Chand

My name is Alvin Chand, and I am a fourth-generation Fijian-Indian, born and raised in Fiji. My ancestors were brought to Fiji on the Indentured Labour System to work on sugarcane fields in the late 1800s by the British Government. My family and I now reside in Aotearoa, New Zealand. My service and contributions have been towards high school science teaching and leadership in Auckland and Waikato Regions for the last 17 years. I hail from Ba town, where my parents had a small sugarcane farm of about 10 acres. My desire for more students to succeed in education is a priority. It is the very reason that I took the PhD studies.