OCIES Fellowships and Networks Program

Program Rationale

OCIES has long promoted important exchanges of ideas and work between educators, researchers and education policy actors. It has served to bring together our contributions and develop our roles within the wider field of comparative and international education, and in doing so to link these with the World Congress of Comparative and International Education Societies. An aim of the OCIES Fellowships and Networks program is to make this role more proactive by providing the institutional and financial support to members to extend and increase the frequency of these endeavors. Individual researchers and/or groups of researchers will be facilitated to undertake collaborations or networking initiatives between institutions and OCIES members, thereby deepening these exchanges and relationships. The funding from the scheme is sourced from conference and membership fee surplus, and could be up to Aus$5000. The number of fellowships and/or network support grants awarded each year will vary according to funds available and the quality of applications received.

Application Requirements

The Chief Investigator must submit a written proposal, of no more than two pages, that includes:

  • Names of all participants, positions and institutions
  • Program aims, proposed activities and full budget items. These could include, for example, a seminar, Master class and/or guest lectures or presentations
  • Potential benefits to OCIES, potential for lasting impacts for the institutions involved and the advancement of the CIE field more broadly

Proposals should be submitted to the OCIES Secretary: matthew.thomas@sydney.edu.au by June 10th 2016 to be reviewed by the incumbent OCIES executive committee.  Funds must be used within the year of approval, by June 30th 2017, and a brief summary report submitted on completion.


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