We are interested in presentations that explore the implications of sustainable development for education structures and processes (curriculum, pedagogy, assessment, management) at all levels (early childhood through to adult education) and of all types (formal, non-formal, informal). Also of interest will be proposals that connect education to any or all of the three dimensions of sustainable development – environmental, social, and economic.

Thematic questions that you might choose to respond to include the following:

  • How relevant and/or useful are globally defined sustainable development goals and targets to regional and national aspirations and needs? What are the implications of this for debates about the purposes and intended outcomes of inclusive and quality education and lifelong learning within regional/national/sub-national contexts?
  • What is the relationship between education and sustainable development? How might the discourse and practice of sustainable development affect educational settings at any or all learning levels (early childhood to adult)? In what ways can education research and practice influence sustainable development discourse and practice?
  • In what ways should schools and other educational institutions facilitate the development of the knowledges, skills, behaviours and attitudes needed for sustainable development? What do we know/need to know about the sets of knowledge and human capabilities that Oceanic communities value as defining sustainable development? What should be taught and learned? How and in what language(s)?

OCIES invites proposals – in French or English – from researchers, policymakers and practitioners from throughout the region and beyond. We see this conference as a significant opportunity to listen to and learn from each other, to both disseminate and explore high quality academic research and share and analyse experiences of how things work in applied educational settings.

Proposals must meet the submission guidelines provided for the chosen type of presentation: 1) Individual papers 2) Panel sessions 3) Workshops or 4) Roundtables/Talanoa.

Proposals are due 10th August 2017