Early bird member $300
Early bird non-member $400
Member standard $350
Non-member standard $450

Student member early bird

Student non-member early bird $250
Student member standard $230
Student non-member standard $280

Unwaged member early bird

Unwaged non-member early bird $250
Unwaged member standard $230
Unwaged non-member standard $280

LIC[1] member early bird

LIC non-member early bird $210
LIC member standard $210
LIC non-member standard $250
LIC student member early bird $100
LIC student non-member early bird $120
LIC student member standard $120
LIC student non-member standard $150

UNC[2] (non-LIRA) staff daily fee

UNC staff full fee $120
UNC students daily fee $10
UNC students full fee $20


[1] Participants from ‘lower income’ countries e.g. Pacific islands states

[2] Only New Caledonia participants have the option of a daily rate. All other participants are assumed to be at the conference for more than one day.