Dear Readers of the International Education Journal: ComparativePerspectives,

I start by acknowledging the traditional Custodians of the land: the GadigalPeople of the Eora Nation. It is on their land, never ceded, which the workfor the IEJ: CP is brought together, then shared. I pay my respects to theirElders past, present and emerging, and to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the country currently known as Australia. 

It is my pleasure and privilege to notify you of the publication of ourlatest Special Issue of the IEJ: CP, guest edited by Dr. Mousumi Mukherjeeand Dr. Nandita Koshal. This Special Issue is the outcome of a seminar organized by the Centre for Comparative and Global Education at the International Institute for Higher Education Research and Capacity Building, O.P. Jindal Global University in India, and was supported by an OCIES Fellowship and Network Grant. We invite you to review the Table of Contents here and then visit our web site to review articles and items of interest

Thank you to the Authors and Guest Editors for each of these engaging, informative articles. They are to be congratulated, particularly, for finalizing these pieces under the significant duress that we have witnessed in Indian contexts, especially, in recent months. I add my acknowledgement of the author who was unable to do so, due to her caring responsibilities, to that of the Guest Editors; our thoughts are with her and her family, and we very much look forward to publishing the article in a future issue.

This issue also comes during a time of transition for the IEJ: CP Editorialmanagement team and Board. I, therefore, take this opportunity to extend huge and warm thanks, once again, on behalf of all of the team, and members of OCIES, to Zane, Radha and Vivienne, for all of the time and work that you have given so generously to the journal and society over many years. Radharemains on our current core Editorial Team, with five other wonderful scholars, listed with our new (also wonderful) Editorial Board members at:

Preparations are underway for the first General Issue as a new team, to be published in November/December. We will also launch a journal Engagement and mentoring program in the coming months, and an IEJ: CP Internship position for this year, so please do look out for those. We are recruiting for a Book Reviews Sub-editor and Engagement and Mentoring liaison positions, which could be located anywhere, and / or held jointly. The team is open to discussing these and any other ideas for the journal as we move into its next phase. Please get in touch if you are interested in joining us, noting that all work is done voluntarily. If you have any feedback or queries, please do contact us at:

I hope that you gain as much from the critically rigorous and eloquently articulated perspectives that this Special Issue offers as I have. This collection of articles brings historically situated analyses to bear on some of the world’s most significant contemporary educational and intellectual challenges and contexts. We look forward to how the insights shared may inform and prompt future contributions to debate within Comparative and international Education, and well beyond! Thank you for your continuing interest in our work.

All the best,
Dr. Alex McCormick, Senior Editor On behalf of the IEJ: CP Team