Early Career Researchers (ECR) Connect

ECR Connect is a program to equip OCIES Early Career Researchers (ECR) with the knowledge and skills to increase the impact of their research and careers. This will be an active group which meets in person and through its Facebook site as well as running events throughout the year both in person and online. The ECR Connect aims to facilitate networking opportunities amongst ECR in OCIES and foster new collaborations. It will help develop an appreciation of the work of other ECRs and to facilitate future intercultural comparative research partnerships. ECR Connect events are specifically for research professionals based in OCIES including ECRs and late-stage PhD students. In addition, two OCIES later career mentors will be invited to join the ECR Connect, who offer help, guidance, advice and support to facilitate the research collaborations for ECRs in the Society.

If you are interested to join the ECR connect program, please contact our program conveners:

Dr. Hongzhi Zhang, Hongzhi.zhang@monash.edu

Dr. Philip Chan, Philip.k.chan@monash.edu

Pacific Education Caucus

The Pacific Education Caucus SIG was established at the 2014 ANZCIES Conference in Brisbane as a permanent research group focusing on Pacific education. The primary goal is that research ideas can be developed and shared in an environment of active discussion through a sustainable caucus. A key issue at the heart of the Pacific Education Caucus in exploring how researchers and academics in the field of education can engage effectively with one another, and with civil society and governments in the Oceania region. The Caucus is open to any member interested in establishing long-term regional partnerships with key actors in Pacific education.

Contact: Elizabeth.Cassity@acer.edu.au