Upcoming Events:
(more details to come)

12 April 2021, 3-5pm NZT > “Workshop: Writing for Publications”

Description: Gain insights and tips through this interactive workshop, led by the renowned Professor Carol Mutch (University of Auckland).

Link: https://auckland.zoom.us/j/94038446929?pwd=QzhFd2dVdDkzeUQwS0pHeWg4NVdjQT09

TBD July > “Talanoa: To Decolonise or Indigenise? Mattering Indigenous Research Methodologies”

TBD October > “Talanoa: Prioritising Relational Positionality: Being-Seeing-Doing “Comparative-Work” within OCIES”

TBD December > “Talanoa: Research Ethics: Intercultural Engagement and Practice”

TBD December > OCIES Conference

Previous Events:

“Talanoa: What is Oceania Comparative & International Education”
16 February 2021, 12 – 1:30pm NZT
Link: https://auckland.zoom.us/j/94258510070?pwd=aHZocUYrOHBnNDBtdnZ5NnRSTVVGUT09 

Featured Speakers: Eve Coxon, Kabini Sanga, Robin Burns, and Juliana McLaughlin

Description: This Talanoa will explore the history of OCIES (Oceanic Comparative and International Education Society) from its early years to the present, as well as situate it within the global field of Comparative and International Education (CIE). The speakers will also provide some insights and guidance to new and emerging researchers on how to position yourself and your research interests into this larger context of CIE.

What is a Talanoa?
A talanoa is a conversation that explores themes or matters of importance, and one in which all participants are free to speak openly in a safe, accepting, and non-confrontational space. The conversation is characterised by the core values of respectful relationality, reciprocity and empathy. Talanoa is respectful of different viewpoints and advances knowledge while it simultaneously builds relationships and invites collaboration.