International Education Journal: Comparative Perspectives has just published its latest issue at We invite you to visit our web site to review articles and items of interest.

You will notice that we have added some new sections to the journal for your interest. The first is a section where Keynote papers from the annual OCIES conference will be available to our wider international readership and,  in this edition, Associate Professor Joanna Kidman challenges us to think about what a Decolonising Methodology might look like.

In the spirit of our region, we have also included a section where invited
Elders from the OCIES region and also from other international and
comparative education societies across the globe can share their ideas and
work with us. These Elders have worked tirelessly over many years to help us maintain this strong and vibrant independent journal. 

Here we can listen to the wisdom they have gathered over these years and
also hear about their current projects. In this edition of the journal, we
hear from OCIES Co-President Dr Kabini Sanga and Dr Martyn Reynolds about the importance of tok stori. Dr Bob Teasdale and Jennie Teasdale share their work about education on a small island off the coast of South Australia.

May I express my deep appreciation to all our authors, reviewers and my
Editorial Team who have all worked together to bring you such an exciting
range of work! We are a volunteer-run, proudly independent, and truly
international journal. We may not yet hit the citation indexes but we offer
a supportive, progressive, and rigorous process of publication that will
support you to build your skills and confidence in getting your message out

Please enjoy! Thanks for the continuing interest in our work,

Professor Zane Ma Rhea

Senior Editor, International Education Journal: Comparative Perspectives