You are warmly invited to attend the NZARE 2017 Conference to be held at the University of Waikato from the 20-22 November 2017. This year’s conference is focused on exploring the importance of partnerships in education and how they can work better in practice to benefit the education sector in New Zealand and those who learn within it. Bringing researchers and educators nationally and internationally together creates the synergy required to improve our education partnerships through innovation, collaboration and enlightened research. The Conference tongikura further highlights the importance of bringing people together for the greater good:

“Mehemea ka moemoeā ahau, ko ahau anake
Mehemea ka moemoeā tātou, ka taea e tātou”
Nā Te Puea Herangi (1883 – 1952)

“If I dream alone, I alone will achieve,
If we dream together, we all will achieve”

The artwork chosen for this conference has two koru shapes that represent working together in partnership. The shapes are curved to show a non-linear approach to the exploration of ideas and are negative and positive with textured and sharp edges representing the challenges that partnerships can present. The clear spaces signify a straight forward approach to idea development while the unclear areas signify the need for collaborative action to develop and enact those ideas. The textured black areas with hints of grey in the background represent ‘from darkness comes light’ and how collaborative action in partnership leads to new discoveries and understandings. Thank you to Donn Ratana for the contribution of his artwork to this Conference.

This year’s Conference: Partnerships: From Promise to Praxis, Mehemea ka moemoeā tātou, ka taea e tātou will provide an exciting selection of keynote speakers plus a range of speakers from educational institutions throughout New Zealand and overseas. The Conference will include research presentations, discussions and collaborative reflection as well as the opportunity for networking. We look forward to welcoming you to the picturesque grounds of the University of Waikato and sharing with you the many attractions that the city of Hamilton provides. This year’s conference is being hosted by the Wilf Malcolm Institute of Educational Research and the University of Waikato.

Visit for abstract submission guidelines.  Abstracts close 1 August 2017