Do you know that the deadline for submission of abstracts and the deadline for conference registration has been extended? Abstracts now close on 8 November, while registration closes on 15 November. If you have yet to register for the conference, let our OCIES co-President, Associate Professor Kabini Sanga, tell you why you should join!

  1. Discover something new: From the keynote addresses, symposia, papers, panels, tok stori/talanoa, round table discussions and poster displays, you will learn something surprising and new. From the conference, you are likely to take home, tips, helpful take-away thoughts and new ideas for work and collaborations.
  2. Energize yourself: OCIES conferences buzz with energy, friendliness and excitement. You are likely to be encouraged, gain new insights and return home, refreshed and hopefilled. You will find the emerging scholars of OCIES delightful and promising.
  3. Appreciate Oceania as Oceania: OCIES conference hosts are authentic representations of Oceania. By engaging fully with conference participants, including the hosts in their settings, you will renew your appreciation of the diverse yet friendly and hospitable peoples of Oceania. 
  4. Grow and or deepen your networks: From the first programme event until the final one, you will meet participants who share your professional interest and passion; allowing you to expand and deepen your relationships and networks. Networking opportunities include special social and cultural events and meal outings.
  5. Enjoy quality time with respected leaders and influencers: You will meet and have unrushed conversations with educators whose work has inspired you—including Oceania senior researchers, seasoned comparative educators and thought-leaders.    

Join us now!