ECR Connect is a program to equip OCIES Early Career Researchers (ECR) with the knowledge and skills to increase the impact of their research and careers. This will be an active group which meets in person and through its Facebook site as well as running events throughout the year both in person and online. The ECR Connect aims to facilitate networking opportunities amongst ECR in OCIES and foster new collaborations. It will help develop an appreciation of the work of other ECRs and to facilitate future intercultural comparative research partnerships. ECR Connect events are specifically for research professionals based in OCIES including ECRs and late-stage PhD students. In addition, two OCIES later career mentors will be invited to join the ECR Connect, who offer help, guidance, advice and support to facilitate the research collaborations for ECRs in the Society.

The expected outcomes of the ECR Connect are:

  • Enabling ECRs who are involved in OCIES to actively make connections throughout the year both in person and online;
  • Promoting and facilitating ECRs’ future intercultural comparative research partnerships in the Oceanic region;
  • Providing space for ECRs to network and share knowledge at transnational and international level;
  • Connecting the wider OCIES community with a valuable ECR population;
  • Encouraging OCIES ECRs to become members of the Society.
  1. Proposed activities and expected outputs, including time-frames:
  • One-day research symposium: Examining Oceanic education issues in international and comparative perspective
  • A symposium with 8 presentations will be organised at Monash University (Clayton campus), Melbourne, Australia in 3rd July 2017 (Monday).
  • The two OCIES mentors will be invited as the keynote speakers.
  • The flight cost of one OCIES member participant from a Low Income Country will be provided (maximum AUD$ 1000).
  • Two-night accommodations and meals at Monash University will be provided to all participants.
  • Two conference symposia (8 presentations) at OCIES Annual Conference in November 2017. The two OCIES mentors will be the discussants for these two symposia.
  • A special issue in the Internal Education Journal: Comparative Perspectives in 2018/2019. Two mentors will comment final draft of the articles before submission.

If you are interested to join the ECR connect program, please contact our program conveners:

Dr. Hongzhi Zhang,

Dr. Philip Chan,

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