New issue: International Education Journal Comparative Perspectives

The latest issue of International Education Journal: Comparative Perspectives is now available. This special edition, “Dialogues about the Local and the Global in education“, has been edited by Dr Hongzhi Zhang, Dr Philip Chan and Professor Bob Teasdale and is a result of the OCIES Early Career Researcher programme.  In early 2017, Dr Zhang and Dr Chan received an OCIES fellowship and network grant to establish an ECR network in OCIES and to encourage publication in the OCIES journal. Professor Teasdale has played an important and valuable role as an academic mentor in this project. This publication is a result of this work. Congratulations Dr Zhang, Dr Chan and Professor Teasdale for your work on this special edition, and to our emerging scholars who have contributed to this publication.

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New issue of International Education Journal: Comparative Perspectives

International Education Journal: Comparative Perspectives
Vol 17, No 1 (2018)

Dear Friends of IEJ:CP

International Education Journal: Comparative Perspectives has just published
the latest issue, a Special Edition titled ‘International Education, Educational Rights and Pedagogy’ edited by Maja Milatovic, Stephanie Spoto, and Lena Wånggren at

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Table of Contents

Vol 17(1) Special Edition

International Education, Educational Rights and Pedagogy: Introduction (1-6)
Maja Milatovic, Stephanie Spoto, Lena Wånggren

The University as Border Control (7-23)
Lou Dear

Enabling a critical pedagogy of human rights in higher education through
de-colonising methodologies (24-36)
Yirga Gelaw Woldeyes,   Baden Offord

Inclusive Education for International Students: Applications of a
Constructivist Framework (37-50)
Natalie Stipanovic,     Stephanie Irlene Pergantis

Reading the “international” through postcolonial theory: A case study of
the adoption of the International Baccalaureate at a school in Lebanon
Iman Azzi

Latest issue of International Education Journal: Comparative Perspectives

Vol 16, No 3 (2017)

Using the OCIES 45 Conference held in Sydney in 2016 as its conversational springboard, this issue explores emergent gaps in thinking about a number of key issues of concern to comparative and international educationalists.

These provocations challenge our practice and our postcolonial, postmodern theorizing and educational engagement with these ‘gaps’. In doing so, they open up future rewarding and challenging spaces for our future work together. To read this issue, visit:

Please download, enjoy, and remember to cite the work of our authors. As
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forward to continuing these conversations.

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Associate Professor Zane Ma Rhea
Faculty of Education,
Monash University
Editor, International Education Journal: Comparative Perspectives

New Edition of the International Education Journal: Comparative Perspectives

The first general edition for 2017, Volume 16(2) has just been published. You can view this edition by visiting:


Dr. Sarah Jane Moore, artist extraordinaire, generous, wonderful, beautiful spirit presents Lunar Mother a work on canvas that expresses the vision of our journal: to look to the future of education.
As Sarah explains:

“It speaks to the figures, the stars, the constellations and the moon. It speaks to connection and possibility. It delineates forms and fins, and celestial beings. It too, is a story grounded in an umbilical cord that stretches for miles. The earth is our mother and so too the stars”.


Special Issue of International Education Journal: Comparative Perspectives

Volume 16(1) Special Edition of IEJ:CP 

Special Editor, Dr Rhonda Di Biase has brought together a terrific collection of research in this latest edition of IJE:CP: Acknowledging the importance of context: Researching education in small states.  The distinctive features of small states provide the focus for this special issue. Each paper explores issues of global significance that relate to curriculum and pedagogical reform, language and literacy policies, internationalising teacher education and research partnerships. Whilst small states are the context for the discussion of these issues, the papers offer insights that have wider application. Acknowledging the contextual features of small states can help elucidate the significance of multi-layered contextual factors in educational reform, and the ways in which global agendas have been mediated locally.

Please circulate the link to interested colleagues.